Background - Why Mercury?

M             for Moldova and Models

E             for Entrepreneurial and Education

R             for Research

U             for Ukraine

R             for Russia

In Roman mythology Mercury (Latin: Mercurius) was a messenger, and a god of trade, profit and commerce, the son of Maia and Jupiter. His name is related to the Latin word “merx” ("merchandise"; compare merchant, commerce, etc.).

Mercury is the smallest planet in our system and the closest to the Sun. Mercury is the planet of the rational mind and spiritual direction. Because Mercury represents the rational intellect and the moon represents instinctual memory, when these planets conjunct, superior intellect occurs, because the person has superior ability to remember everything he or she learns.

Mercury is always associated with youthfulness. His activities began on the day of his birth. He was well-established by reputation in his youth.

Project Color "Purple"

Key meanings: wisdom, spirituality, inspiration, nobility, law and power

Psychology and color: It is a majestic color. It was always a color of clothing of sovereigns and clergy. Purple is a color of inspiration. This color combines flesh and thinking, material and spiritual needs.