Legal support for the economic recovery

In 2007 the Cabinet of Ministries of Ukraine adopted the Concept of the State program “Formation of Innovation Structure in Ukraine till 2012”. The objective is to create an efficient innovation infrastructure and use effectively the research potential of higher education and research institutions. Among other measures is improvement of legal basis in this sphere and establishing technology transfer offices with patent agencies.


In 2006 the Russian Government adopted a Federal Targeted Program “Research and development on priority fields of S&T complex of Russia for 2007-2013”. The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia enacted “Development Strategy of Science and Innovation in the Russian Federation until 2015”. In these documents among the objective indicators are strengthening the prestige of the Russian science and higher education and increasing growth of commercialisation of results of scientific research.


In 2004 the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova adopted „Code of the Republic of Moldova on science and innovations”. The encouragement of the scientific research and stimulation of a long-standing innovation climate were acknowledged as main priorities for the social and economic development of the Republic of Moldova.